Memory Bricks for Ainsworth Garden…

The paving stone project for the Memorial Garden is about to begin. What an opportunity to engrave a memory, a person, a thought in this wonderful place of solitude and reflection. Now you can personalize yourself and/or your loved ones by purchasing a paving stone for $30.

If you are interesting in getting a paver, but you cannot afford the cost, let us know. There are some Ainsworth members that are donating money to cover those memorial pavers.

Each pave stone contains three lines and each line can contain up to 18 characters including spacing. The garden committee has created this program to help establish or complete a paved path from the entrance gate off the Ainsworth Street of the garden to the paved path encircling the fountain. Mailings will be sent out in the near future to all members, friends, and past member families so no one is left out of this opportunity.

Imagine how meaningful it will be for those wandering through the Memorial Garden in the many years ahead. Imagine the time when you show your children and grandchildren the Memorial Garden and you can share your paving stone. If you have questions please talk to the Garden committee: Elvira, Hudson, Ellen, Hansen, Linda Lewis, Alice Vetter, Shannon Hillis.

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