Shelter Volunteers Needed

Shelter Volunteers Needed

Ainsworth United Church of Christ (AUCC), 2941 NE Ainsworth St., corner of NE Ainsworth and NE 30th, has organized an Extreme Cold Weather Shelter for the winter months. AUCC currently hosts the HIV Day Center. The shelter is primarily be open to regular visitors at the HIV Day Center. Protocols to protect against Covid-19 will be followed.

The emergency shelter will be open any day that Multnomah County or Portland announce a severe weather activation. The shelter will provide a warm meal and a place to spend the night for up 15 people.

We will have a Director/PIC staff person, but need volunteers to be able to open the shelter, We need at least 2 hosts at all times:

Afternoon Hosts

Greet people spending the night and host between 3 and 5 pm.

Evening Hosts

Host between 5 and 8 pm.

Overnight Hosts

Host overnight starting at 8 pm. Prepare a breakfast for the visitors and cleanup. Make sure all visitors are ready to go by 6:30 am.

Kitchen Food Preparation Volunteer

Prepare a warm evening meal and cleanup

Volunteer Janitor

Cleanup all spaces used by shelter visitors when they leave

Shelter cleanup

Clean all the pads and wash all the covers after each use.


Pastor Lynne Lopez, Ainsworth United Church of Christ, 503-284-8767

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