Webmaster’s Note, 1/5/2019: New commission descriptions are pending. The church is in the process of writing them based on the recent bylaws changes. Please check back later for updated information.

Ainsworth United Church of Christ has six commissions who are responsible to the various aspects of church life and accountable to the Church Council. Each commission has at least five members who serve in staggered three-year terms and are elected by the congregation at the annual meeting in September. Commission membership is open to all church members. Commissions meet the first Sunday of every month after church service to plan their activities.

Commission on Justice

2014-07-15-news-portland-620The Justice Commission is responsible for guiding the congregation in its advocacy work for justice & peace.  Through surveying the congregation, the Justice Commission determines their priorities of focus and then they coordinate activities, ie. organizing letter writing, petition signing, rallies, forums, demonstrations, etc., to support the priorities.  They also recruit people to represent Ainsworth UCC at community meetings dealing with the justice priorities.  The priorities, at present, are racial justice, LGBTQ justice, economic justice, peace-making and environmental justice.  They also may choose to plan worship opportunities to highlight justice issues.

Justice Commission Position Description

Commission on Worship

Assists the Pastor in planning sacred celebrations that will increase our active, dynamic, energetic and authentic worship life, one that is reflective of our multi-cultural, multi-racial, open and affirming commitment.

Worship Commission Position Description



Commission on Ministry

This commission’s task it to coordinate the caring ministry of the church, including the Called to Care program. They establish and nurture programs that minister to the members of the congregation and our neighbors in an atmosphere of trust and love.

Ministry Commission Position Description



Commission on Nurture

Is responsible for the educational ministry of the church, developing an active and comprehensive Christian Education program that responds to the needs and interests of a diverse group of parishioners. In addition, their task is to develop a lay ministry program for teaching, leadership facilitation and group interaction development and to nuture Ainsworth program to increase youth participation in all aspects of church life.

Nurture Commission Position Description


Commission on Service to Communities

This commission’s task is to identify ways for the church to express its commitment to love and justice beyond our congregation. They seek out organizations that service the needs of local and global communities to support, develop resources for living in to our call to be multi-cultural, multi-racial, open and affirming church and develop family exchange programs with other countries.

Service Commission Position Description


Commission on Administration

This commission’s task is to administer the church’s budget, manage investments, oversee the maintenance of building and grounds, perform any needed personnel functions, and administer church policies and procedures.

Administration Commission Position Description



Other Committees

Nominating Committee Position Description

Pastoral Relations Committee Position Description

Cambric Scholarship Committee Position Description

Council Positions

Moderator Description

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