Ministry Teams

Ainsworth United Church of Christ has 7 ministry teams who are responsible to coordinate the work and mission of the church, and are accountable to the Congregation through the Church Council. The ministry team commitment is for one year and they shall work to reflect the congregations mission statement, commitment to justice, and values. There are multiple opportunities for all congregation members to share their talents and gifts on short term projects, in addition to ministry team membership!

Communications & Technology

The Communications & Technology Team shall coordinate the church’s
communications, data management and information systems.

Community Ministries

The Community Ministries Team shall facilitate the Congregation’s
relationships, partnerships, and advocacy with other organizations in the
community consistent with our mission and values.

Congregational Life

The Congregational Life Team shall foster the relational health of the
congregation through events and activities that minister to the interests
and needs of its members.


The Facilities Team shall ensure the functionality, maintenance,
accessibility, safety and efficiency of church properties, equipment and

Faith Formation

The Faith Formation Team shall provide leadership, enthusiasm, and
structure for spiritual growth and religious education across all generations
of the church, to support a lifelong deepening of the Christian faith.


The Finance Team shall work with the Treasurer to ensure financial
accountability and maintain the financial stability of the church through an
annual budget process and stewardship campaign. All fundraising events,
United Church of Christ special offerings, and other offering requests will
be presented to this team to coordinate scheduling, purpose and planning.


The Personnel Team shall work with the Pastor to support relationships
involving the staff, develop and maintain personnel policies, make
recommendations for salary and benefits, as well as update contracts and employment agreements as needed.

Other Committees

Nominating Committee Position Description

Pastoral Relations Committee Position Description

Cambric Scholarship Committee Position Description

Council Positions

Moderator Description

Moderator-Elect Description

Church Clerk Description

Church Treasurer Description