Capital Campaign


Designed by Mary Conlow

The congregation approved the three year campaign with the goal of $355,000 in November and set paying off the loan for the Burnham House as the campaign’s top goal. This would allow us to bring the house, located just west of the church, into the church’s ministry with classrooms, offices and meeting space planned. Replacing flooring in Michel Hall is also a top priority of the campaign.

A Capital Campaign to Enhance the Ministry & Outreach of Ainsworth United Church of Christ

Capital Campaign Executive Committee

Willie Poinsette, Campaign Administrator

Pastor Lynne Smouse Lopez

Jo Ann Brand, Recording

Steve Dodge and Ellen Yarnell, Communications

Ileana Dorn, Commitment Callers

Norma Godfrey, Administrative Support

Elvira Hudson, Follow-up

Denise Millhollen, Hospitality

Holly Mulcahey, Giving Potential

Eldon Potter, Group Meetings

Pat Rumer, Leadership Gifts

Questions or suggestions for Pastor Lynne or Willie regarding the campaign? Send an email to: