What is the financial goal and scope of this campaign?

Our goal is $355,000. The faith commitment that our congregation, neighbors and friends make towards this goal will be paid over three years. The Capital Campaign will be completed in a 13 week period ending with a celebration service on May 5.

 What will be accomplished with this campaign?

  • Payment of our loan, which will enable us to use the Burnham House just west of the church for ministry, education and outreach to the community
  • Replacing Michel Hall and lower level flooring
  • Freedom to grow as a debt-free congregation to enhance youth education and our work towards peace, justice and human rights.

 How will this impact our ministry to our neighbors?

Paying off the loan, occupying Burnham House and refurbishing the church lower level will enhance our community connections, our ministries to the poor and underserved, and boost church education and fellowship. Expanded facilities will attract new members, provide better space for our programs and allow AUCC to flourish and grow more than ever before.

Will Burnham House need further investment?

Yes, we will need to identify additional funds to upgrade wiring, access and other infrastructure to make the house fully usable. Savings from no longer making loan payments will help. We currently pay $2,075 a month at 5.875%, though we collect $1720.50 per month in rent after the management fee is deducted.

Why are we doing this now when the economy is poor?

It is true that these are tough economic times. This campaign is truly a leap of faith taken only after much prayer, financial deliberation and analysis of gift potential. We ask each member of the congregation and the friends of AUCC to prayerfully decide to give what you are able. When it comes to church debt, paying it off as quickly as possible is always the most prudent financial path. Also, some things, such as Michel Hall flooring and other major maintenance expenses cannot wait too long and this will help us meet those needs. We can do it!

When will we be able to move into Burnham House and upgrade the church lower level?

We will be able to upgrade the flooring as soon as we collect enough to put toward the loan and to pay for the flooring.  Moving into the Burnham House will happen after the loan is fully paid off and the necessary upgrades are completed.

What is the present financial status of Ainsworth UCC?

AUCC finished 2012 in the black, with a conservative budget for 2013. The church operates on a total $261,179 annual budget. We currently owe $316,512 on our loan.

Why do we need this campaign?

The Michel Hall and lower level floors are badly worn and are beginning to become a safety and health issue as well as an esthetic one. As the main fellowship hall, it is heavily used by both the church and community. Paying off our debt will not only bring the Burnham House into use, but free the congregation for further growth.

How can I make a contribution?

Church members and friends will be asked to make a pledge to this capital campaign, payable over three years.  You can spread out your payments or pay in a lump sum either by mail, in the offering plate marked capital campaign or soon you will be able to pay online. Every dollar counts!

What assets can I use to fund my pledge?

In addition to outright gifts of cash, there are alternative ways of providing a generous pledge to our capital campaign. Campaign team members would like to discuss these alternatives with you.