Church Banners

Ever wondered about those banners up front in the Chancel?

The four, beautiful wall banners that flank the Chancel were designed and created by our own Vicki DeKrey Vasey. Here is a little more about the artist and the symbolism embedded in the art.

Artist Statement

I have always wanted to try liturgical art and this was an opportunity to do just that. I chose symbols and images that I thought in some way represented our church; for example I used the rainbows and faces because we are multi-racial, multi-cultural open and affirming; the comma because it is a UCC symbol; etc. I used fabrics from all over the world for the same reason. Some symbols/images are very traditional: Celtic cross, fish, flame; others are more modern: comma, butterfly. I based the design on circles because the circle stands for God, no beginning and no end, and I set the circles in squares to compliment the stained glass in the sanctuary which is set up as a series of squares. I researched the meaning of colors as well as symbols and tried to correlate their meaning with the appropriate images. I used gold prominently for its visual richness, and because it is widely used in historical religious art (icons) as well as modern church artifacts. The pieces were constructed of squares as you would make a quilt. They are machine appliquéed and quilted with hand-stitching to embellish.

Image & Color Symbolism


Rainbow: Covenant with God, acceptance of all peoples
Clouds: Presence of God
Butterfly: Christ is alive in a new way
Daisy: Christ Triune God Three in one
Crown: Earthly and Divine King
Eye: The all seeing eye of God
Circle: God/eternity, no beginning and no end
Star: Advent, shown over Christ’s birth
Cup: Communion
Cross: Lent, Celtic cross (with circle), Greek cross (ancient, all arms the same length)
Flame: Pentecost, Holy Spirit, light of the world
Fish: Secret Christian symbol, sign of the fish
Water: Baptism
Dove: Peace, Holy Spirit
Olive Branch: Peace
Heart: Love
Grapevine: “I am the vine and you are the branches”
Hand: Prayer, clapping, hand of God
Comma: God is still speaking
Crown of Thorns: An affliction that causes great suffering
Alpha and Omega: The beginning and the end


Blue: Water, heaven, truth
Purple: Royalty, penitence, mourning
White: Purity, innocence, holiness
Green: Life, hope
Red: Pentecost, fire, blood
Yellow: Divinity