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Ceasefire Oregon

ANNOUNCEMENT: The gun lobby won’t be sitting at home for the next few weeks.

 We can’t either.

The conventions are over, and election season is in full swing. Campaign season is our very best opportunity to impress on candidates the importance of good firearms laws. And next year we will work to get a bill enacted that will prohibit guns in public schools here in Oregon. We want every Oregon legislative candidate to commit to voting to ban guns from public schools. 

Here’s how you can get us there:

1. WHO — Find out who your state legislators are through this Oregon state legislature link. All the seats in the Oregon House and half the seats in the Oregon Senate are up for election this fall.

2. ASK — Ask candidates in your district whether they will vote to ban guns from Oregon schools. Soon you will be getting campaign flyers, campaign workers knocking on your door, and campaign calls during dinner. Sometimes you may even meet the candidate! ALWAYS ask the question — will the candidate vote to ban guns from Oregon schools?

3. TELL THEM — Tell the candidates that you stand with Ceasefire Oregon! When you volunteer to canvass, phone bank, or send in a campaign check, let the candidate know you are a Ceasefire Oregon supporter. Doing so opens doors for us in Salem and Washington, D.C.

4. TELL US — Tell us what happened. Call or email us about your contact with the candidate. Who heard from you? Did you get a brush off? A pledge of support?

Don’t be surprised if the candidate thinks that firearms are already banned in your school district. Many school districts have prohibited guns in schools for decades. But a court decision last year overturned a regulatory ban on concealed weapons for the Oregon state university system, and gun activists have successfully used that decision to overturn the gun ban in at least one local school district. Ceasefire Oregon supports a bill that will put an effective ban on guns in school into state law, where it belongs.

Ask the candidates if they will support a ban on guns in Oregon schools. Thank you. For more information visit the Ceasefire Oregon website.

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

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Jubilee Oregon

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Jubilee Oregon meets on the second Wednesday of every month at Westminster Presbyterian Church [NE 16th and Hancock St] from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.
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Oregon New Sanctuary Movement

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The Community of Welcoming Congregations

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